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Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung

I visit Mr. Frump in the hospital I see him most every day And when I see Mr. Frump in his iron lung This is what I hear him say (electronic breathing) Y’know, Mr. Frump is my very best friend He’s never a chump or a tease He never tells me lies, and best of […]

Such a Groovy Guy

I got my alligator boots, I wear my pants skin tight I wear my dark sunglasses in the middle of the night And when I look in the mirror, oh it’s such an awesome sight It makes me want to kneel down and pray I’m so adorable and charming I’m sure that you can see […]

I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead

I don’t care about your karma I don’t care about what’s hip No space cadet’s gonna tell me what to do I won’t swim in your Jacuzzi You can’t make me settle down I’d rather kick and jump and bite and scratch And scream until I’m blue I may as well be hyper As long […]

Another One Rides the Bus

Ridin’ in a bus down the boulevard And the place was pretty packed Couldn’t find a seat so I had to stand With the perverts in the back It was smellin’ like a locker room There was junk all over the floor We’re already packed in like sardines But we’re stoppin’ to pick up more […]

The Check’s in the Mail

Well, hey, how ya doin’, have a seat, have a drink Boy, it’s good to see you, what can I say Whoa, sorry, gotta run, we’ll get together again Say, what was your name, anyway Well, we’re workin’ on the problem We’ll get back to ya soon (yeah) But don’t try to call me I’ll […]

My Bologna

Ooh, my little hungry one, hungry one Open up a package of my bologna Ooh, I think the toast is done, the toast is done Top it with a little of my bologna Never gonna stop, eat it up Such a tasty snack I always eat too much, then throw up But I’ll soon be […]

Stop Draggin’ My Car Around

Had to park my car for just five minutes I had to go inside to use the phone When I came back again, my car was gone, well I didn’t know it was a loading zone What a bummer, I as so brought down I had to chase that tow truck all over town, yellin’ […]

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Well, it’s time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year We’ll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer You should be good and happy that there’s something you can eat A million people every day are starving in […]

Buckingham Blues

Gonna tell you a story About Chuck and Diane Couple British kids from The palace at Buckingham Chuckie wants to grow up And be a polo star And ride his little horsies All around the backyard, oh yeah You know they really paid their dues I said hey, lawdy mama They got them Buckingham blues […]

Gotta Boogie

Gotta boogie Gotta boogie Gotta boogie Gotta boogie Gotta boogie (gotta boogie) Gotta boogie (gotta boogie) Gotta boogie (gotta boogie) Gotta boogie on my finger and I can’t shake it off Well, I went out to a party just the other night I was jammin’ to the music, I was feelin’ alright I was burning […]

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