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Good Enough for Now

Oh, I couldn’t live a single day without you Actually, on second thought, well, I suppose I could Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, honey, you’re the greatest Well, at any rate, I guess you’re pretty good Now, it seems to me I’m relatively lucky I know I probably couldn’t ask for too much […]

Toothless People

They only show you their gums when they smile Ain’t got a tooth in their heads now…how vile Only can eat things like pudding and applesauce They never have to buy toothpicks or dental floss Hey! Stand up! Toothless people…their breath is lethal, wanna tell you Hey…come on! Stand up…get on your feet! Toothless people…old […]

Don’t Wear Those Shoes

I don’t care if you wreck my car or shave off all my hair You can go and run your vacuum during my favorite show And I’ll let you call up folks in Europe you don’t even know Anything you want, babe, if it makes you happy But I’m begging you down on my bended […]

Here’s Johnny

There he goes, he drives me crazy When he says “Here’s Johnny” That’s his job, it’s so amazing All he says is “Here’s Johnny” I never miss a moment when he’s on the tube His being there has made my life worth living The chills run down my spine Each time he says that line […]

Polka Party!

You could have a big dipper Going up and down all around the bends You can have a bumper car bumping This amusement never ends I want to be your sledgehammer Why don’t you call my name Ah, oh let me be your sledgehammer This can be your testimony, yeah Yeah There’s a girl that’s […]

One of Those Days

Got to work late ’cause my alarm was busted The boss chewed me out and everybody’s disgusted ‘Cause it’s one of those days, it’s just one of those days I lost one of my socks in the drier I can’t find my wallet and my hair is on fire Just one of those days, it’s […]

Addicted to Spuds

Potato skins, potato cakes Hash browns, and instant flakes Baked or boiled or french fried There’s no kind you haven’t tried You planned a trip to Idaho Just to watch potatoes grow I understand how you must feel I can’t deny they’ve got appeal Whoah You like them whether they are plain or they’re stuffed, […]

Dog Eat Dog

Found a job in a great big office And I really love this place I got my, my very own Scotch tape dispenser And I got a private parking space, ha And I, I got a coffee mug with my name right on it In big bold letters so everyone knows it’s mine Don’t even […]

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