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Velvet Elvis

My life, it used to be incomplete, Till I saw what I was looking for at a drive-in swap meet. My life it won’t be the same again. Now I’m proud to say the king lives on inside my den. Oh, it’s all I live for, it’s all I need. My velvet Elvis, My velvet […]

King of Suede

There’s a sale on our gabardine suits today They’re all thirty percent off from yesterday There’s Fortrel polyester, leather, wool, and tweed Just a Visa or MasterCard is all you need We’ve got every color, we’ve got every shade We’re located next door to Willy’s Fun Arcade We got every fabric that was ever made […]

Polkas on 45

They tell us that we lost our tails Evolving up from little snails I say it’s all just wind and sails Are we not men, we are Devo Are we not men, D E V O Smoke on the water And fire in the sky Smoke on the water (I’m A Man) I’m a boy […]

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